Lost and Found Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 415

I was very excited about seeing the meteor shower, and the alignment of the planets to create the heavenly star of the winter solstice this week. But as happens here often in Cleveland’s long winter, the skies were completely opaque with clouds, and the phenomenon was hidden from us.

The next occurrence will be in 2080, so I’ll just have to accept that unless Laurel agrees to have me frozen and defrosted, I won’t be seeing it then.

I can’t be upset or surprised, after all, this has been a year of incredible challenges, disappointments, sadness combined with much joy. Luckily, the shortest day of the year is now behind us and we are going to be enjoying longer days ahead increasing by mere minutes at a time.

Looking back, I contemplated on what I had lost this year. Had I really lost anything? Is there anything I gained, besides a few pounds, or learned due to the pandemic and daily challenges of this past year?

Surely, I lost the joy of seeing my family in person. But I gained the ability to reach out to so many more of my family and friends that I otherwise would not have via zoom.

I lost the freedom to come and go as I please, to enjoy restaurants and concerts. But I gained a special closeness having my meals cooked at home and eating as a family, every day, this year with the addition of my son and his new baby with us which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

I lost out on having my clients join me here in person in my studio to create their digital empire® content to strengthen their brands. But I gained new innovating ways to connect with them, capture their ideas and create new and exciting avenues to increase their business and web presence.

2020 has been a year of a growing and learning experience that while challenging in ways unimaginable, has enriched my life personally and professionally. It’s been a year where I lost some of the ways of how I conducted my old business but found new ways to conduct my future business.  

Take a moment to look back at what this year has meant for you. Have you lost more than you gained? Thankfully, I believe we’re heading for brighter days and an optimistic look for 2021. Looking forward to getting there with you.

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