2020 – The Year in Review Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 416

One of my favorite reflection points is at year-end. It is the opportunity to review my accomplishments, key learning insights and course correction. As this challenging year comes to conclusion here are my learning insights which I have also shared in my weekly newsletters:


  • Review your goals daily, commit and take the step by step action necessary towards your success.
  • Identify the pillars of your life (i.e. family, business, finance, travel…) that ground you and make your journey meaningful, rewarding and impactful.
  • Formulate effective and genuine language that focuses on the value to your audience and their potential transformation.


  • What steps should you take to achieve massive business growth this year?
  • Is it possible that you are suffering from the imposter syndrome? I believe the remedy is rather simple.
  • Protect your brand and intellectual property by trademarking it.


  • We are here to make an impact and advance our clients. I also believe we have a responsibility and can make tremendous impact by bringing positive social change to our community and the world.
  • Crisis may strike and catch us unprepared at any time. Optimism, courageousness, creativity and innovation can help us realize that nothing lasts forever, the sun will rise tomorrow, this too shall pass, and we can thrive again.
  • Opportunities and blessings are abundant. All we need to do is pay better attention to our environments.


  • Creating your global digital empire® actually starts with one word at a time.
  • Creative technology is the great enabler. Learn to leverage it to expand your business and theirs.
  • Adventures are all around us. We just need to dream bigger, embrace them, surround ourselves with people who elevate our adventurous mindset and pay better attention to our creative surroundings.


  • Have you identified your ideal client? What do you know about them and what should you further know and discover? Ask good questions, build outstanding relationships and transform their business and yours!
  • What do you do and where do you look to attract new clients?
  • Having conversations with fascinating individuals and being interviewed is one of the best ways to strengthen your thought leadership and theirs.


  • There are significant benefits to repurposing your content. Make sure it is one of your powerful marketing initiatives.
  • Many of us create great new content continuously but is our audience listening, and do they actually hear us?
  • There are 1,440 minutes in a day or 10,080 minutes in a week. How are you spending these precious moments learning, creating, enjoying, marketing, impacting others and creating your legacy?


  • What is your definition of retirement and are you living it?
  • Do you get overwhelmed at times? I’ve compiled my top-10 list to remedy this syndrome.
  • Communities can change the world. Surround yourself and build your own community and see your business and theirs flourish.


  • Pay attention to the questions your clients are asking you. There is a treasure-trove waiting to be discovered.
  • What is your happiest place on earth? Have you identified it? Are you living it?
  • Choose to balance your available hours, making each one count to be as productive and creative as possible while still enjoying the things that life has provided that brings you personal joy.


  • You may not have realized this, but your email account is a goldmine of information to a hacker. Guard it as your life depends on it. Because it actually does!
  • Make the most out of Zoom and such technologies to connect with others, expand your knowledge while helping others.
  • What are the 12 growth insights and strategies that will transform your success?


  • What are the questions you should ask yourself to pivot your success?
  • Bulleted or numeric lists (such as this one) are powerful ways of displaying and communicating our messages.
  • Our words matter and finding a common language is the key to our success.


  • Reflect often on your accomplishments and needed areas of course correction.
  • Google keyword suggestions feature is an amazing tool to help you quickly generate creative new ideas.
  • Thank someone each day.


  • Continually review and measure your progress to be prepared so you are not blindsided by the seemingly unexpected.
  • What can you create now that incorporates your lifelong skills, talents and gifts?
  • As you review this year, what have you lost and what have you gained? My hope and prayers are that you have gained more than you have lost.

Wishing you health, joy and success.

Happy New Year!



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