Lessons Learned from Publishing 500+ Newsletters! Redux Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 502

A while back, I was asked to share my lessons learned from running my business. I decided to challenge myself and create my 40 lessons learned, which I did and published at the time. A few weeks later I decided to further challenge myself and create my 40 additional lessons learned. I enjoyed that challenge and was please to then publish the 80 lessons learned. The same repeated a few weeks later and when I was ready to publish the next 40 lessons, I decided to then create my 120 Lessons Learned from Running My Business download.

Why am I sharing this with you? To demonstrate that there is always an opportunity to challenge and reinvent ourselves, and at the same time create value for our clients.

So in the spirit of challenging ourselves and reinventing, I decided to see if I have more important insights to share about my Lessons Learned from Publishing 500 Newsletters! article, which I published a couple of weeks ago.

Here are my 10 additional insights to the 25 previously published:

  1. Adding content and insights to your previously published newsletter creates an opportunity to create new content, reinvent yourself, publish a brand-new newsletter while repurposing your older content and bringing it back to life. This is also a great way to include something you may forgot to include previously.
  2. It expands your intellectual property.
  3. Incorporating important and applicable keywords in your business will improve and strengthen your search engine optimization (SEO) positioning.
  4. It reminds your audience that you are still here so they don’t forget you.
  5. It presents you with a great opportunity to promote and sell your products and services.
  6. You can update your audience and share with them the latest of what is happening in your field and in your business.
  7. It is an opportunity to discuss and leverage trending topics and even use “news hijacking” which would result in increasing exposure to your content and brand.   
  8. Create contests and challenge your audience to do the same and grow their own intellectual property.
  9. Use crowd sourcing opportunities to connect with others, get their insights and by doing so improve your own content with ideas you may have not thought of.
  10. It strengthens your thought leadership.

It’s your turn now. Please share your insights and I will include them with proper attribution in the future.

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