Lessons Learned from Publishing 500 Newsletters! Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 500

Back on January 9, 2013, almost 10 years ago, I started publishing my first Raising the Barr® newsletter. I committed to publish succinct articles on a weekly basis that would help my clients improve their web presence (strategy, content, and marketing) and their lives.

I am proud to announce that today’s newsletter is number 500!

So, what are my insights from 500 newsletters being published? Here are my top 25 lessons learned:

  1. Sit down, open a blank word document, and start writing.
  2. Reflect on some of the key discussions taking place this week with your clients, questions asked, or important events shaping your life.
  3. Stop overthinking the topic or the length of each newsletter. Just write.
  4. Pay attention to feedback given by your audience and thank them when receiving such feedback.
  5. Focus on the delivering value, solving their problems, and improving their businesses and lives.
  6. Disregard word count.
  7. Push your audience to take action.
  8. Don’t worry about your competition learning from your knowledge.
  9. It’s ok to open up your heart at times and share from your personal experience.
  10. Your best of the best of your newsletters, thoughtfully organized, can become your future books, presentations, and online courses.
  11. Archive your newsletter and see your Global Digital Empire Creation®
  12. Publish your newsletters in various other formats such as video and audio episodes.
  13. Encourage visitors and make it easy to register for your newsletter and offer free download value when they do so.
  14. Make it easy to unsubscribe from your newsletter. It will cleanse your list and remove those who are not interested in your company.
  15. Develop relationships with your audience.
  16. Repurpose your newsletters on the various social media platforms.
  17. Feature your clients and their successes.
  18. Invite guest contributors.
  19. Be consistent. Do not miss any publication and avoid weeks or months of silence.
  20. Write and save a few newsletters for future publishing and for those weeks that you may be on vacation or running out of time.
  21. When a particular newsletter addresses one of the major concerns of one or some of your clients, use my Targeted Value approach to help them.
  22. Pay attention and learn from your analytics but don’t lose sleep over it.
  23. Collaborate with other thought leaders.
  24. Identify the areas that you struggled with that would have been extremely helpful for you to know when you first started your business. Now go and write content for these areas.
  25. Use a digital or a paper system to archive ideas and topics for future newsletters.

So how do we celebrate?

The first 10 individuals who reach out to me, will receive one session to help you greatly improve your content creation and start your own journey of creating your digital empire.

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