Lessons Learned from My Grandkids Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 417

Over the years I have published quite a few of my newsletters and have dedicated  them to lessons learned from other thought leaders, lessons learned from women, lessons learned from my granddaughter, lessons learned from my Mom, lessons learned from my Dad, lessons learned from my clients, and lessons learned from running my business.

Today I am dedicating my newsletter to the 10 lessons learned from my grandkids, Dafna (11), Liav (9), Hadar (5) and Bentley (9 months):

  1. True love is unconditional.
  2. The younger generation are smarter than we were at that age, which gives me hope for our future.
  3. Vocabulary comprehension, usage and abilities are critical to formulating our thoughts, creating powerful content and intellectual property and effectively communicating our unique messages.
  4. When you fall down you quickly get up and try again.
  5. Desire to learn new things, curiosity to discover new worlds and master new abilities are some of the keys to our success.
  6. Play hard and rest even harder. Get a good night sleep to recharge yourself.
  7. Tenacity to get what we want and what we desire should be unwavering.
  8. Friendships are the pillars of health, happiness and longevity.  
  9. Asking the right questions often gets the answers we need and the desired results. Asking the wrong question and the answer is irrelevant.
  10. Laughter and being active are the fountain of youth.   

There are abundance of lessons to for us to draw upon and learn from. The key though is to dedicate our precious moments and learn to pay attention to credible sources only. Today, I’ve concluded that observing my grandkids has provided me with exceptional life and business lessons. How about you? Who do you listen to and where do you get your life and business lessons?

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