I Never Thought About It This Way! Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 524

While attending a marketing session with Brendon Burchard today, he shared several ideas that we both believe in, and that I also shared in my content over the years. Here are the highlights:

  1. Everything we do should be about elevating our energy and become the aspiration and inspiration leader for our clients.
  2. Shorten your messages, make them pithy and powerful. Get to the point quickly and drive them to take action.
  3. You need to implement, deliver, and launch your new offerings now and place the “let’s go” mindset into everything you do.
  4. To create a breakthrough mindset, inspire and guide them into action.
  5. Community building is the key to help them feel that they are not alone, that we are all in it together and we will help lift them up.
  6. Such community helps elevate a shared purpose and energy to challenge each other, create the proper accountability and achieve one’s goals.
  7. Your legacy and purpose are to push your clients to act and significantly impact their clients.
  8. And here is my final point and this is a big one. Whether you are writing an article, an email, on a zoom call, or creating your podcast or video, before you conclude your next masterpiece, think about how you can make it unique, counterintuitive, or perhaps contrarian. You want to make them say: “This is profound. I never thought about it this way!” Or even better: “This is exactly what I need!”

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