A Real Nail Biter Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 523

I’ve never been one to binge watch any TV shows, but this past week was an exception to the rule. Laurel and I had been watching a series called Fauda on Netflix but dropped off after the first season. Years passed and the buzz surrounding season 4 was everywhere.

Last week, season four came out, and somehow, I got hooked again. I wanted to only watch one episode and leave the next one for another night. But this intense thriller about Israeli counterintelligence had me hooked, and I had to literally pull myself away or give up 12 hours of my life in front of the big screen on the wall!

The well written script ended with a cliffhanger after each episode. There was no way I could wait a week or two to find out what was coming next. Sitting at the edge of our seat, we finished the series Sunday evening and although I’m pretty sure this will be the last season; I’m still wondering and hoping that they’ll continue the excitement and suspense of this thriller.

I began to think how great it would be if we could leave our clients so excited and yearning for the next article, video, project, or course. What irresistible content and offers could we create that would leave our clients wanting more and unable to wait a minute longer to find out what it is and get involved?

There’s nothing better than a great story, a plot twist or suspenseful moment that has us cautiously peeking around the corner.

What exciting and innovating piece can you create that will produce a cliffhanger for your prospects and clients? It’s time to think outside the box and create it.  

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