I did not want to disappoint you Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 192

I was engaged in discussions with a prospective client who showed great interest in our services and its potential value for his business. After a few weeks of great conversations, and to my unpleasant surprise, he shared with me his decision to go in a different direction.

He said: “This may sound awkward but the reason I decided to go with another company is because I did not want to disappoint you!”

“Disappoint me?” I said. “How would that be?”

He continued: “When I reviewed your clients’ portfolio and observed the caliber of clients you work with and the kind of work you do, I knew that I could never measure up to that level of expectation and success!”

Although this could have been interpreted as a compliment, I was dumbfounded, feeling sorry for this person. Not only for the fact that I won’t be able to help him but for his lack of self-esteem and that he has significantly limited his own success and that of his clients.

Is it possible that you or your clients are limiting your potential growth and success because you think you are not good enough or you won’t measure up to someone’s else perceived level of success?

Go help someone, do something creative, impact their achievements, and allow your envelope to be pushed. That’s how you stop disappointing others and help create amazing futures.

Keep doing astounding work, your clients will be grateful, the world will notice and you will be further rewarded and fulfilled.

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