It May Be Time for Plan B Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 191

As the last days of summer and the long sunny days have started to dwindle, I’ve taken every opportunity to enjoy the evenings exploring Cleveland. As an east-sider, I have not crossed over the bridge to the west side as often as I should have to see the treasures that make up this great city.

As you may have noticed from my many posts, I am becoming more and more interested in honing my photography skills with newer lenses and techniques.

Last evening, after dining at an outdoor bistro nestled in the west side’s up and coming neighborhood, Gordon Square, we traveled to the lake to catch another gorgeous sunset by the water. As I waited for the sun to dip low, the skies covered over with grey and white clouds; nearly completely overcast.

Not to be beaten, I grabbed my tripod and walked over to the other side of the pier and focused my camera on the downtown Cleveland skyline. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, its reflection glimmering in the calm waters, framed by the Terminal Tower and KeyBank building completely overpowered my desire for that perfect sunset photo.

The result even astounded me — the perfect shot! (see above) I then realized had I not looked for another opportunity and quickly changed my plan, I would have missed this completely.

When crafting and executing your strategic and tactical direction or designing your web presence and marketing plan, you may face obstacles that require a quick detour or the selection of plan B.

Since opportunities are in great abundance around us, we need to increase our awareness by learning to better focus on the few, or even one, that present us with the potential for greater success.

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