I Will Never Forget Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 193

This past Sunday, September 11, I, along with the nation, recalled the tragedy that our great country suffered 15 years ago. As I watched the recorded footage from that fateful day, listened to the stories shared by family members and the reading of the names, I was reminded of my experience on that morning that seems so long ago and yet is forever ingrained in the forefront of my mind.

I had flown my entire team to a leadership development experience in Las Vegas, which had finished that morning and we were at the airport, like millions of others, waiting for our return flight home. When the news broke and the full comprehension of what had happened took hold of us, we began to scramble for transportation home. Planes were all grounded and every rental car was spoken for by noon.

We moved into action and were able to acquire seats on the Greyhound bus to Cleveland. We boarded that evening and rode for days, finally arriving to the downtown bus terminal; exhausted, disheveled, hungry and grateful. But we had nothing to complain about. My team had, as always, pulled together for one another, made it home together, safe and forever thankful.

I shall never forget that day and how our world had changed in a split second. The lives of our fellow Americans, allies and comrades around the world would never be the same. Sometimes I falter and become complacent.

But the reminder of what makes us a great nation comprised of individuals from all walks of life, including myself, an immigrant, remains at the core of my values. I make it my mission to be grateful each and every day for my clients, team, colleagues, friends and family in my life. Challenges arise, even crises, but I stand in awe and gratitude for all of them and all that I have.

Sunday was a painful reminder of the great loss of life this country suffered but awakened me once again to the great beauty and blessings that are here if we only open our eyes each and every day with gratitude.

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