How to Maximize Success?

For as long as I’ve been in business, I’ve been fascinated with what it takes to significantly increase our success as well as what are the habits of those who have done so. I do acknowledge that although success often has unique and subjective attributes for each individual, there are several widespread components that apply to most individuals.

In my continued quest of decoding success and uncovering these attributes, I have recently come to realize that there are four primary pillars to reaching and increasing our success and that of our clients:

Develop Relationship – This is the first pillar and the backbone of of the process of maximizing success. The key here is to actually build genuine trusting relationships with your clients, so you may provide them with help that would dramatically transform the success of their lives and businesses. You can not rush this process and the more you spend on it and nurture it, the stronger the relationship created. When done right, the client will share with you  confidential information and constantly ask for your opinion.

Provide Value – This is where your products, services, wisdom, experience, advice and published content comes to life to impact your clients. Craft and expand your extensive ways (offerings) of being able to contribute and help others. When done right you would hear the client say: “Wow!” or “This is a fabulous and I need it.”

Demonstrate Enthusiasm – How often do you purchase for someone who is boring, uninspiring or lethargic? Enthusiasm is contagious and people love to work with successful people who are passionate about their craft, who have a purpose and do so with enthusiasm and gusto. When done right, you would hear the client say: “I can’t wait to see your proposal and get started” or “How quickly can we do this?”

Reach Agreement – The best individuals I’ve seen are great at reaching strong mutual agreement with their clients. They do so by asking powerful provocative questions, properly framing the issues that need to be resolved, and reaching a win/win agreement that is best for all parties involved. When done right, you would hear the client say: “No one ever asked me this question” or “This is a great question” or “I am ready. Let’s do it!”

Simply examine your process and success level and if it is not where it should be embrace these pillars to maximize your success and that of your clients.

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