Provocative Question Redux

I know, it hasn’t been that long (just a couple of days ago), since I posted my definition of what a provocative question is. Yet, you must be wondering (I know you are) what are some examples of effective provocative questions. So here are my favorite 10 questions:

  • Would you describe the profiles of your best clients, what markets are you targeting, and what may be some of the best ways to reach them?
  • What are the key distinguishing factors between you and others competing in your areas of expertise and what is the remarkable value you bring to your clients?
  • How would you describe your brand and articulate your strategy?
  • What are the key challenges your business is facing, why have you contacted me and what were you hoping I can do for you?
  • Who are some of the thought leaders that you respect and why?
  • How are you planning on re-inventing yourself and how would you raise the bar?
  • If we were to work together on this project, what are the exceptional results that would thrill you?
  • What if this project failed and what if it was extremely successful?
  • What does this project mean to you personally and what legacy would you like to leave behind?
  • Do you have the courage to do what it takes to be successful?

I do acknowledge that although these are some (there are others of course) of my favorite questions, there is nothing like being in the moment and asking powerful, effective and provocative questions. When you do, you are likely to frame the real issue, gain trust, and help your client rapidly reach higher success.

I would love to hear what are your favorite provocative questions?

0 thoughts on “Provocative Question Redux

  1. Chad,

    These are great questions. Spending some time on these questions will help any executive, entrepreneur or business owner to be more focused and successful.

    My favorite question is: “If money was no object or constraint, what would you do?”

    That usually eliminates any financial obstacles, real or perceived, and provides the best alternative that someone or a company should pursue to achieve their objectives.

    Phil Symchych
    Symco & Co.
    We help companies accelerate profitable growth.

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