How Effective Are Your Inquiries? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 367

There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t get multiple inquiries through my social media channels. Some actually valid that are genuinely interested in our products and services while many others that I consider disingenuous.

Here are a few examples of recent contacts and my serious or humorous responses:

Social Media Contact: “Hi Chad! We’ve been connected for some time. Just checked out your profile. Very cool stuff. When you say “cyber strategist” what do you mean exactly?”
Me: “It means helping our clients create and implement the web and content strategy to transform their success.”
Social Media Contact: “Lately I’ve been using a platform called…. with businesses. AI powered. Happy to send you some info!”
Me: “I am all set and thanks for thinking of me.”

Social Media Contact: “It will be my privilege to have your presence and comments in any of my 48 posts found in my profile page. I’m looking forward to be reading your posts too.”
Me: “Why won’t you start by reading my articles first”

Social Media Contact: “Are you in need of website design and Development Company?” Here are the benefits of having a good site…”
Me: “Did you even take one minute to review my profile and my site?”

Social Media Contact: I help make people dreams come true using phenomenal new program called… Is that something you might be interested in?”
Me: “Sorry but all my dreams have come true.”

Social Media Contact: “Can you take on any more clients?”
Me: “Who are the clients?”

Yet, here are a few examples of genuine inquiries that I receive or send to my contacts:

“Hi Chad, I reviewed your profile, your web site and your blog and am impressed with your work. I would like to set up the time and discuss how you can help my business.”


“Hi Chad, I would love to have you appear on my podcast show or even be considered appearing on yours. I know this will be of great value to my audience and yours. Let’s connect and discuss.”


“Hi Chad, I spent some time reviewing your online content. Truly impressive and valuable. Here are a couple of ideas that you may want to consider to increase your global reach and effectiveness or as you call it Raising the Barr®. Why won’t you give this a try (instructions below), and then let’s connect and get your reaction. I know you will be impressed. How about next Tuesday at 10AM?”

Which type of inquiry would you prefer to receive or send out? I know you would agree with me that the answer is rather obvious.

Formulate effective and genuine language that focuses on the value to them and their transformation.

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