5 Pillars of Success Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 366

I was chatting with a client of mine today and we reflected on some of the most successful pillars of our lives. Here are five of mine:

  1. Family: It is the fuel that keeps me humming and thriving. Whether a deep discussion or a romantic dinner with my wife, playing with my grandkids and witnessing the miracle of their development, it is one of the profound pillars of my life.
  2. Business: I love the challenges and rewards of running my business for the past 33 years. It keeps stimulating my mind while driving me to experiment, create and innovate. It enables me to help our clients impact others and themselves while establishing remarkable relationships and friendships.  
  3. Fitness: For almost 10 months, I have been devoting significant time to playing the intense sport of Pickleball. This has transformed my fitness and my health. I’ve lost 45 pounds running on the courts and feeling more like a 30-year-old today than I did at 30!
  4. Photography: This has become a serious hobby for almost three years. I often refer to it as my spiritual connection from where I draw much of my inspiration while creating great adventures.
  5. Music: Growing up a professional musician, music is the lifeblood of my heart, mind and soul. I can’t imagine a day without listening and exploring my favorite genres and I still love playing my guitar when the opportunities to arise to do so.

Life is short and fragile. While am planning on hopefully being here for many years to come, I also realize that there is no such guarantee. Consequently, it is these pillars that make my journey meaningful and rewarding.

How about you?

Take time to identify your pillars of success. Share if you’d like.

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