Happy TwosDay! Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 475

Almost everyone had been waiting with bated breath yesterday for the arrival of 2/22/22 on the calendar. It reminded me of the ominous predictions that accompanied the turn of the century and the Y2K fears of total technological failure and worldwide shutdowns.

What were people expecting yesterday on the palindrome date, the same read forward and backward and known as Twosday?

If you follow military time, the palindrome happened not only in the morning, 2:22 am, but again at 22:22, military time. Sadly, we won’t be around for the next Twosday as our National Weather Service says that 2/22/22 occurring on a Tuesday won’t happen again until 2422.

While social media was all over the 2/22/22 number repetition, some numerologists say that other than the quirkiness of the date, there is no bigger meaning for the day.

All that hype and it turns out it’s just another day like any other. No catastrophes or disasters occurred, only the usual workday challenges and successes. And to me, that is a great day and I’m perfectly OK with that. Keep ‘em coming.

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