Leading by Example Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 476

While I’m aware that this isn’t the forum for political discussions or judgment on the motives or actions of world leaders, it is a moment in time that gave me pause to think about true leadership. In our businesses we have mentors, advisors, team leaders, thought leaders and even spiritual leaders, but now we are witnessing, real life or death leadership play out on the world stage.

I am reminded of my father, born and raised in the Ukraine, persecuted, but a survivor, who fled for his life after WWII and arrived in Israel in 1947. Laurel’s grandparents, all Russian immigrants, took a leap of faith, traveled by boat for months from their homeland for a chance at a better, safer, and freer life in the United States.

And this week we’ve seen the brave actions and heard the inspiring words of the young Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky; who chooses to lead his nation from the front, rather than flee for his own safety, as the artillery rains down on him, his family and all the Ukrainians that ask only for peace in their land. 

We can learn a lot about leadership from a man such as that. It is true leadership that is strengthened by conviction to ideals and ethics, love of country, and the fight for justice for all. Great nations can be shaped and fortified when their greatest leaders light the way by example. It is the only way; I only hope and pray it’s not too late.

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