Get The Weight Off Your Shoulders Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 238

Are there things that bring your down? Are you surrounded by pessimism?

There’s a not so nice way some people refer to one’s spouse calling them the old “ball and chain.” Even though it’s meant to be funny, it connotes that which holds us back or pulls us down.

We all have occasional heavy anchors that attempt to pull us under the current as we try to keep our businesses and lives riding the high tide. What are some of those factors that drag us down and keep us from achieving even better and higher successes?

Friends: Those who are just plain negative complainers who always seem to make their bad day rub off on you.

Colleagues and team members: One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. Unfortunately, that apple’s bad attitude can infect and seep into the morale of the company.

News: Here’s a good one… We all know those who are obsessed with watching and reporting the day’s latest news. Usually it’s the tragedies or horrific world events that captivate them and only serve to make those around them anxious and upset with their sharing of the news.

Prospects: The live wire that has you all lit up with the possibility of signing up a new client only to repeatedly ignore your calls and contacts.

Unappreciative clients: No matter how much we feel we are giving, doing and helping, they never seem to show any gratitude but nit-pic every little thing.

Family members: Through no fault of our own, we are stuck with the good and the bad in our families.

Technology: The newest and latest that is out there and we fumble around to grasp and incorporate it creating negative feelings and frustration.

Business: The undesired parts of your business that drain your energy and suck the passion out of you.

It may be time to reinvent various aspects of your life and business and get that excess weight off your shoulders.

There will always be negative people in this world. But in the words of the Olympic gymnast, Mary Lou Retton, who won the gold medal after landing her jump and breaking her foot said: “Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.”

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