Don’t Fall For It! Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 237

Last weekend, my wife and I traveled to hear The Cleveland Orchestra perform at Blossom Music Center, which is one of the most beautiful summer concert venues in Northeast Ohio. Being somewhat in a hurry, I quickly launched my browser and searched for available online tickets. I clicked on the first link that came up and to my surprise it showed only a few tickets available at the starting price of $180 per ticket. This made no sense since tickets to such events are usually quite reasonable.

Further investigation of my search results found the actual and “genuine” site of the Cleveland Orchestra where tickets prices started at $24 per ticket!

The increase of fraudulent activities has been on the rise and unfortunately the web has made it easier than ever. Here are some of the creative ways these criminals operate:

  • Internet sales which direct you to a site that looks credible but never ships the goods you have purchased.
  • Charities who take advantage of your generosity by pretending to be committed to a worthy cause.
  • Work from home scams that promise you great income for a small initial investment.
  • Phone solicitations from Microsoft calling to fix your Windows operating system or from the Internal Revenue Service threatening instant action unless you pay them immediately.
  • Phishing emails from your financial institutions, or email provider or other online places you belong to that suggest there is an issue with your login credentials.

Our world is an amazing place but unfortunately there are quite a few malicious minds out there trying to take advantage of you. Beware and when in doubt ask a professional.

Use your common sense, be careful and don’t fall for it!

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