Beware of What You Share Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 252

While checking out the profiles of individuals on various social media platforms, I’ve concluded that many of these people are either naïve or clueless about the impact of their digital identities and the lifestyle they reveal.

I see silly photos of wild parties, drunken moments, images of injured body parts, pontification on subjects of which they are ignorant, boasting of the places they’ve visited, constantly quoting others, participating in absurd arguments, trolling the web, and so on.

If I am about to hire a new employee or the services of an entrepreneur, consultant, or a service firm, the first thing I check is their web site and their social media presence. What will it say about them? How credible are they? What do others say about them? What initiatives do they support? What kind of a life are they leading?

Your online presence reveals more than you may realize about yourself, your lifestyle, and your connections. Publish information sparingly and adopt the mindset of value and service.

Before you publish anything on the web, ask yourself whether your family, colleagues, friends, future employers or clients would be proud to see this or gain value from your post.

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