Are You Strengthening Your Thought Leadership? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 253

I just conducted a successful strategy session day in my office with one of my clients. One of the concepts we discussed was what we need to do to strengthen our thought leadership. Here are my thoughts and shared insights:




  • Work on your consistent positive mindset
  • Think bigger
  • Act as a leader
  • Allocate daily think and plan time
  • Network (online and in person) with thinkers and influencers
  • Open your mind to new experiences, learning and people
  • Surround yourself with inspirational people and techniques
  • Commit yourself daily to the 1 – 3 action items that will move your dream forward


  • Become of prolific publisher of great content and share ubiquitously
  • Write articles, position or research papers and post on your site, blog and on others’
  • Record audio podcasts, share on your site and integrate with other platforms such as iTunes, SoundCloud, Libsyn, social media and others
  • Create videos, organize on your site and submit to iTunes, Vimeo, Wistia, social media and others
  • Write booklets, books and make available in digital formats as well as soft or hard copy
  • Approach successful content publishers such as podcasters, bloggers and journalists and suggest to get interviewed on their shows

Hang Out with Other Thought Leaders:

  • Surround yourself with the leaders you admire and you will become one
  • Share the speaking platforms (stage) with them
  • Attend events where they speak, network and get introduced
  • Interview them for your various channels as well as your upcoming books


  • Change or enhance your business model to interact with as many individuals as possible
  • Create and speak at your events and others’
  • Develop valuable online products, membership sites, online communities and mastermind groups and market and attract others to these offerings



Watch Out:

  • Activities or tasks that waste your time that you should give up or eliminate
  • Toxic or negative people that you should eliminate from your life
  • Energy drainers while learning how to keep your energy high throughout the day
  • Increased procrastination and lack of accountability
  • Looking for shortcuts and silver bullets
  • Constant distractions and the pursuit of new shining objects
  • Micro management and focusing on the small stuff
  • Allowing negative thoughts into your head instead of replacing them with positive ones

I am curious what you have seen to be effective in strengthening your own thought leadership?

I am a huge fan of making the commitment to focus on one thing, then moving forward and executing it. Which is the one you will focus on executing this week?

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