Are You Too Scared Of Success?

Francis Ford Coppola (age 68), five-time academy award winner, director of movies such as: The Godfather, The Conversation and Apocalypse Now, was interviewed this morning on CBS News Sunday Morning.

His life-story attribute that resonated with me most was his tenacity. Although he became quite successful at an early age, he almost faced business financial ruin and was on the verge of bankruptcy. This did not deter him from taking additional risks and rebuilding his enormous success and wealth again. He said in the interview today:

“Life is short and you don’t want to be an old guy counting his last heart beat thinking about all the things you wanted to do that you didn’t do because you were scared. What’s to be scared of in life? In the end it all ends the same.”

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  1. I agree completely with Chad and Coppola. It’s all a risk. If you invest in your business or career growth, it’s a risk. If you don’t invest in your career and business growth, it’s a risk. So why not take the risks that YOU want to take as opposed to being risky by not taking the risks you want to take. Go for it. That’s my biggest lesson in the ten years I’ve been on my own as an entrepreneur.

  2. “Are you insane?” yelled my wife 20 years ago, when I told her that I quit my full-time job to start my own software consulting and development business. It was the best “risky” decision I’ve ever made. Well, the second best, since the first was marrying my fabulous wife. ☺

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