How Come No Inquiries Are Coming In?

After dinner last night, my wife and I went to Caribou Coffee to get a latte. While the coffee was being prepared, I was looking at the announcement board and this ad seemed to grab my attention. It immediately became obvious to me, that the person designing this ad, apparently never realized that they omitted the most critical and important information:

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How would any interested individual contact this ad without a name, a phone number an email address or a physical address?

Make sure your contact information is clearly visible on all of your marketing material.

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  1. Hi Chad. It’s amazing how it’s the little things that trip us up.

    As a marketing consultant, I see this all the time. Clients have a great strategy, target the right audience, and even come up with a terrific offer. But then in the execution they leave out the most important part, in this case, how to be contacted.

    One note about contact information. Let the customer make the choice how to contact you. Don’t do it for them. What that means is that you should put ALL the ways they can contact you on your marketing materials: name, physical address, phone number, fax number, email address, website, etc.

    In my experience the worst feeling in the world is when someone says to you “You have just what I was looking for–wish I would have known about you last week before I decided on another solution.” Don’t let that happen to you!

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  2. I couldn’t agree with you more Linda. This, of course, also applies to web collateral. I visit so many web sites that unfortunately make it just too hard for us to find the contact information.

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