Achieving Powerful Web Presence Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 342

In my article Is It Time to Upgrade Your Web Presence? I’ve defined your web presence as the confluence of your strategy, content and marketing initiatives. I realize though that to achieve a powerful web presence requires a bit more involvement and articulation.

I’ve decided to break it down into 11 key foundations that are the building blocks to your successful and powerful web presence:

  1. Buyer: How well do you know your buyers and their preferences? Not only do I recommend that you devote the time and energy to accurately identify them, but I also suggest you review it occasionally since it may change over time. To help you get started, answer these 10 Questions to Identify Your Buyer.
  2. Geography: Is your business local, domestic or possibly international. Which areas, regions, cities, states and countries should you target to promote your business?
  3. Markets: Are you focusing on one vertical market or multiples? What new markets should you penetrate a year from now? And are there markets you should consider abandoning?
  4. Products: What is the makeup of your tangible products? Are you developing new ones, and have you asked your clients for their feedback and what they may need from you? Are you leveraging your web site to promote, market and monetize your products?
  5. Services: In addition to your products, what are the intangible services that you have been offering and planning to offer in the future?
  6. Strategy: My simplified definition of crafting your strategy is to come up with the answers to the question of How Do You Paint Success? This is all about identifying what a successful future looks like and then working out the details backwards.
  7. Content: I’ve been saying that if content is the king, provocative content is the ace! It is the distinguishing factor between the most successful thought leaders and those who want to strengthen their thought leadership. It is also the manifestation of your intellectual property in various media formats and platforms. In other words, it’s all about Creating Global Digital Empires®.
  8. Trademarks: As you build and create your content, products, services and various brands, you must protect them and make sure you are the owner of your domains. Is Your Brand Protected? This means correctly creating your copyrights, trademarks and patents to properly protect your intellectual property and business.
  9. Design: What is the impression people get when visiting your web site and reviewing your content? Do they say WOW or so what? Are they intrigued to stay longer, “consume” your content, learn and want to keep coming back? You would probably agree with me that when visiting your clients, you want to look your best. Consequently, your site should look its best as well since it is your 24×7 representation!
  10. Social Media: With the explosion, over the years, of various social media platforms, many organizations and entrepreneurs have figured out how to effectively use these to promote their brands and business. Have you?
  11. Marketing: What initiatives are you involved in that attract interested and qualified buyers to inquire about your products and services? Better yet, what additional marketing initiatives should you get into that generate effective results.

Here is a simple yet powerful exercise that I would like you to do now: Take a look at my transformation visual® associated with this article. First, rank each of the 11 labels as to where you are today by indicating each as weak, strong or powerful. Next, do the same but rank each as to where you need to be a year from now in order to achieve remarkable growth success in your business. You will then end up with two graphs. The distance between where you are today and where you need to be next year are your marching orders!

One final tool in Creating Your Marketing Blueprint is sure to be useful in helping you identify your plan of marketing initiatives.

We’ve been fortunate to help many of our clients achieve their powerful web presence success. We can help you do the same. Let’s talk.

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