10 Questions to Identify Your Buyer Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 341

When developing a new web presence or new offerings for our clients, the key is to clearly identify their target buyers, their preferences, concerns, aspiration and potential transformation.

Your buyers change their preferences, and as markets and conditions change and potential new markets open up for you and for them, these answers may change as well.

Below are the top 10 questions I ask my clients in order to thoroughly and successfully identify their buyers and their preferences:

  1. What are their pains and frustrations?
  2. What are their biggest fears and potential dangers they may not even recognize yet?
  3. What are new opportunities that may exist and markets they can enter and how do they paint success?
  4. What are their special hopes and dreams and the person they aspire to be?
  5. What are the areas that they don’t feel respected and by whom?
  6. How can you, your products and services impact their life?
  7. What will it cost them not to hire you or use your products and services?
  8. How will you transform them and their business?
  9. Who will they impact as a result of the transformation you have brought to them?
  10. How will you improve their life?

Before taking on a major new initiative, I highly recommend you first start by developing clear answers to these questions.

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