10 Reasons Why Bulleted or Numeric Lists Rock Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 406

If you’ve been following my writing and content publishing over the years you probably have noticed my use of lists. I have to admit that I love numeric or bulleted lists. So, in the spirit of such lists, here are the 10 reasons why I recommend you create these lists and why they rock:

  • They make your items and content stand out
  • They are easy to follow and simplify the steps need taking  
  • They are great for the purpose of creating checklists
  • They are clearer to understand and are more succinct than lengthier paragraphs
  • They can be often displayed as transformation visuals
  • They are easier to memorize
  • They can be used as numbered list when the specific order of steps is required
  • They are great for easier reference to quick information
  • They increase comprehension
  • They are great for organizing your to-do lists, schedules, goals setting plans and such

Why not take the time to incorporate a bulleted or numeric list in your next published piece and better yet, why not display it as a visual as well? Would love to see your creation.

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