10 Crucial Business Lessons Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 408

As 2020 is coming to a close and as I was reviewing this year’s lessons, I’ve come to realize the following crucial business lessons:

  • Setting one goal a month will generate 12 of them a year. Imagine what would happen if we set 3 goals per day. That is equal to 1095 goals per year!  
  • Taking massive action towards our goals is the secret sauce to remarkable success.
  • Executing our daily tasks and initiatives with passion, energy, enthusiasm and purpose is contagious and creates remarkable outcomes.
  • Our marketing initiatives and our mindset have significantly more influence on our success than the economy.
  • Carving out time to dream, innovate and invent, transforms our lives while impacting the lives of others.
  • Turning our dreams and innovations into fruition creates extraordinary lives.
  • Identifying our goals, the people we want to meet, the personal development we wish to experience will help shape the person we want and should become.
  • Measuring everything we do is the prime benchmark to our progress and where we might need calibration and adjustment.
  • Recognizing what we must stop doing is as critical as knowing what we must be doing.
  • Studying and executing what we want to achieve (health, wealth, relationships, happiness, marketing and such) and finding the expert that will help us get there is the roadmap to great achievements.

Identify your most recent and important business lessons. It’s an eye-opening experience.

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