Your Network Exponential Power Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 105

This week’s reflection point: There is an amazing potential to grow your business within your existing network. Unfortunately, most don’t recognize this awesome power. So let me explain.

Take a look at your immediate network that surrounds you: your clients, suppliers (or partners), friends, and associates (or colleagues). If each one of them provides you with a referral that leads to a business, that would be 4 new clients. If you then look at the 2nd connection level where each one of these groups would introduce you to their immediate network, that would increase the number from 4 to 16. And then, if you exploit the relationships with the 3rd level, it will increase the number from 16 to 64!

Now say you work with 10 clients and each one provides you with enough referrals that would results in 10 new clients each year. If my math is accurate, your 1st connection level would generate 40 new clients, the 2nd level 160 new clients and the 3rd level 640 new clients!

This week’s tip: Seize the treasure buried inside your own network and see your business grow exponentially.

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