With Gratitude Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 203

Tomorrow, here in the US, we will celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with our loved ones. There is so much I am grateful for and I want to sincerely thank YOU my:

  • Reader — for reading my newsletters, for allowing me to share my personal and professional experiences with you, for your support, feedback and encouragements.
  • Client — for your patronage, for choosing me to be an important part of your journey and success and for teaching me more than you realize.
  • Friend — for your loyalty, for being there for me, for sharing your life with mine, and for enriching my life.
  • Teacher — for teaching me how to learn, for opening my eyes to my surroundings, for helping me develop my amazing curiosity and for instilling in me the love of teaching others.
  • Business Partner — for providing me with your unique talent and value, and for helping me strengthen my brand and that of my clients.
  • Team — for your remarkable creativity, for helping me create the company I always dreamed of, for your loyalty and for challenging me often to raise the bar and innovate.
  • Family — for being there through the good times and the bad, and for providing lasting memories.
  • Sister — for being my biggest fan through the early years and beyond, for giving me your unconditional love, and for maintaining my love and connection to the state of Israel.
  • Parents — for bringing me into this world, for your love, values, and for giving me the wisdom and the courage to craft my destiny.
  • Son-in-law — for leading your congregation and demonstrating the great caring for others, for being the ultimate definition of the word Mench, and for taking care of my daughter and grandkids.
  • Grandkids — for your love and for helping me experience the true meaning and enjoyment of what life is all about, and for making each and every day remarkably special and precious.
  • Son — for opening my eyes to better understanding of substance abuse struggles, for helping me strive to be more compassionate, for learning to appreciate fast cars and for having a great heart.
  • Daughter — for blessing me with three amazing grandchildren, for demonstrating great patience, caring, Tikun Olam and love, and for manifesting the role of a great Rabbi.
  • Wife — for your wit and outstanding sense of humor, for your gifted voice and for being my best friend and my greatest love.

Thank you all for helping shape the person I am. Thank you for all you give and for blessing me with an amazing life!


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