Leverage Content Creation to Become a Thought Leader Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 204

Has it ever occurred to you that everything you need to become a thought leader is already swimming around inside your head? If not, it’s time to start thinking about it. Your unique experiences, ideas, insights, and stories are the key to thought leadership. But first, you have to let them out for other people to see, hear, and read!

Many entrepreneurs struggle with content creation because they’re afraid to share their thoughts with the world. Instead, they try to sound like everybody else. They write the occasional blog post or article—but it all falls flat, because it has no personality or unique point-of-view.

Don’t be one of those entrepreneurs. If you don’t start publishing prolific amounts of remarkable, unique content, then you’re destined for one thing: mediocrity. You’ll stay the “best-kept secret” in your field forever. At the same time, you’ll struggle to gain the confidence and self-esteem necessary to become a true thought leader.

Right now, I’m going to share 4 ways to leverage content creation to strengthen your thought leadership:

  1. Write a weekly or monthly newsletter (like this one!). Many of my clients have written newsletters for years, and then compiled their newsletter articles into booklets or e-books to publish later on. This is a fantastic way to create massive value out of quick, easy content creation.
  2. Make a collection of visuals. Almost every entrepreneur has visuals that explain key business processes, challenges, or outcomes to their customers. Instead of just letting these languish in marketing material or on your website, compile them into a logical order, add some fresh content—and then publish the collection as a booklet or e-book.
  3. Put your checklists to work. We all make checklists and how-to lists to help us achieve our goals and stay on track. If you’re an avid list-maker, use it to your advantage. Create valuable content for your customers by organizing all your checklists and how-to lists into an e-book or an online product.
  4. Publish a book! No, it’s not impossible. Look through everything you’ve written over the years on a certain topic, and come up with a logical way to compile your content into chapters. It’s hard to believe, but you could actually have your very own book published soon.

No matter what approach you take, stay committed to creating content. Some of my clients who are reading this newsletter create their own newsletters, publish their own e-books, and write their own books. If you don’t, it’s time to start leveraging your content creation to become a thought leader.

Are you creating remarkable content on a consistent basis? If you want to become a thought leader in your field, it’s time to start now.

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