Where Does Site Traffic Come From?

Traffic to your site comes from many sources such as when your visitor:

  • Enters your site address (URL) into their browser when looking at your business card.
  • Enters the web page address (URL) that was shared with them (through other marketing efforts) into their browser.
  • Enters your site address into their browser when receiving your company’s paperwork such as invoice, purchase order, check.
  • Clicks on your email signature links.
  • Reads your newsletter and clicks on one of the links.
  • Views your blog or site and clicks on links.
  • Reads your guest contributor content, such as your article or your column on someone else’s site and then clicks on a link.
  • Views your video on YouTube and clicks on the links to your site in the description area.
  • Listens to your podcast on iTunes and clicks on the link to your site.
  • Reviews your social media profile or content and clicks on the link.
  • Sees your answer on LinkedIn and finds it interesting and clicks on your profile name.
  • Finds interesting links on social bookmarking sites and clicks on one of yours.
  • Finds your book on Amazon and clicks on the link to your site.
  • Reads your article on article directories or an online community.
  • Finds you on one of the trade associations you below to.
  • Sees your comment on a blog and clicks on your link.
  • Notices your press release and clicks on a link.
  • Clicks on one of your banner ads or affiliate links.
  • Is encouraged to bookmark your site for private use or for social media sharing use.
  • Uses search engines and clicks on the organic results.
  • Uses search engines and clicks on the paid results.
  • Uses Facebook paid advertising and clicks on the link to your landing page.

How many of these are you involved in and are there others worth mentioning?

This is an excerpt from my new and upcoming book Million Dollar Web Presence Leverage technology to build your brand and transform your business, which I am coauthoring with Dr. Alan Weiss and which will be published by Entrepreneur Press.

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