How To Improve Your Business?

Last Monday I spoke to the great people of the Connecticut National Speakers Association chapter. A common question was asked of me: “as a speaker, how does one significantly increase their success leveraging technologies and the web?” Here are my top 8 answers:

1. Become a prolific and constant publisher of great provocative content.

2. Publish in a variety of media formats such as: text, charts or process visuals, images, cartoons, audio and video.

3. Engage in many aspects of marketing to effectively attract your buyers.

4. Innovate, reinvent and repurpose your ideas and content.

5. Create strong relationships with buyers, colleagues, partners and journalists. Well, family helps as well

6. Position yourself as a thought leader.

7. Leverage technology and the web.

8. Evolve.

These points should give all of us a quick guideline and at this point you are probably asking, how to do this? So, stay tuned. More will be published by me here shortly.

P.s. Posting this from the Las Vegas airport while waiting for my return flight home after several amazing days of learning and speaking.

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