What’s Your Opening Statement? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 512

Whether you deliver your speech, being interviewed, or create your videos or podcasts content here are my favorite 10 opening statements and several examples:

  1. “Imagine” – present a scenario that puts your listener’s mind into exploring various possibilities.
    Example: “Imagine your web site generating passive income 24×7 and constantly expanding.”  
  2. Your clients’ questions and concerns – Reflect on recent conversations you’ve had with your clients and identify some of the key questions and concerns discussed.
    Example: “One of the key concerns my clients share with me is how to monetize their content. I’d like to share with you 10 ways to cash in on your content creation.”
  3. Current trending topics – Review topics currently trending that may be of interest to your clients and are within your areas of expertise and present your point of view.
    Example: “According to CNN, Elon Musk pleads with advertisers to stay on Twitter. Here is Chad’s perspective and Elon’s top 3 mistakes.”
  4. Provocative question – The key here is to pose a question that hopefully makes the listen say: “I’ve never thought of it this way.”
    Example: “Will your company be one of the 80% eliminated from the market in the next five years, or one of the 17% just surviving, or one of the 3% thriving and leading the way?”
  5. Surprising twist – Start your statement by sharing an interesting fact or story and conclude with a twist that builds curiosity and makes your listener wanting to hear more.
    Example: “It was Friday morning when my client, Mary, called ecstatically shouting: “I just got my first 6-figure order off my web site, however…””
  6. Quotes – Share a quote by a famous person and either present your contrarian view or add more value.
    Example: “Benjamin Franklin said that by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” “I also believe that the higher your level of mastery, the lesser preparation needed.” 
  7. “Did you know…” – Share a fact or a story that your listener hopefully has never heard before.
  8. “Secret I’ve never shared before” – Similarly to the one above, this is your opportunity to share a breakthrough insight you have never discussed before or a brand-new product or service you are about to release or have just released.
  9. Applicable story to substantiate your point – Start with a fascinating story that quickly builds into the points you are going to cover.
  10. Future Trends – It’s your opportunity to share your experience and wisdom while forecasting and predicting future trends in your industry.

What are some of your favorite opening statements?

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