What’s Your Next Masterpiece? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 157

Reflection point: Yesterday, we launched our new Innovation bimonthly digital magazine and the feedback and comments have been absolutely amazing. One of the questions I received was regarding the objectives of this magazine.

Here are the reasons why we decided to create this magazine and its objectives:

  1. Bring fresh ideas and strategies to stimulate our clients’ minds and help them accelerate their business growth and success.
  2. Pull the rest of our team into the creation.
  3. Push the envelope of creativity, innovation and powerful content.
  4. Create a WOW looking piece that is worthy of sharing and spreading by others.
  5. Showcase various case studies featuring our clients to help promote their business and success.
  6. Have provocative conversations with various interesting thinkers and thought leaders I interact with and admire.
  7. Integrate various media platforms such as audios, videos, diagrams, cartoons, amazing visuals and more.
  8. Strengthen my own thought leadership and walk my talk.
  9. Motivate others to work with us.
  10. Get inquiries from other thinkers and global thought leaders to be featured in our magazine.
  11. Demonstrate the power of what our company can do and what you can do.
  12. Be shameless about our own creation and innovation and hopefully entice and excite you to take action.
  13. Become the standard to leveraging content, web, technologies and media to grow your business.

I also want to thank our team and especially our creative genius, Lihi BZ, who pushed me to create this masterpiece.

This week’s tip: What should be your next masterpiece that demonstrates your thought leadership and capabilities to dramatically help others? Identify it and go create it now.

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