What resonated with you most? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 162

This week’s reflection point: I love getting your feedback after sending out our weekly newsletters or brand new bimonthly digital magazine; not only is it great to receive but it especially helps me calibrate my thinking, focus and ideas for future content creation.

I used to reply to such feedback with a simple “thank you for your note and I greatly appreciate it.” Yet in the past year I decided to also add this question: “May I ask you what resonated with you most about my article?” I found this simple yet effective question to be a great starter to enriching and rewarding conversations.

I see a great importance and value in provoking our clients to think differently and to challenge them with new ideas to take bold actions towards the fulfillment of their goals and the achievement of their success.

Using the opportunities to continue our conversations and engage our clients in such discussions gives us the chance to add value and impact to their future.

I look forward to continue receiving your comments and feedback.

This week’s tip: How can you use the feedback you receive from your audience to trigger a conversation that will help increase business and relationships?

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