Amazing Words, Remarkable Outcome Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 161

Reflection Point: What would you say is one of the key differences between a mundane experience and a memorable one? I believe that words have the awesome power to create such a distinction.

There is a video on YouTube showcasing the late Steve Jobs during one of Apple’s product announcement keynotes. The typical three-hour video was reduced to less than two minutes to demonstrate the powerful adjectives Jobs and his team used to describe their revolutionary products.

Enthusiasm is critical to bring any presentation to life, and I bet you would agree with me that these adjectives do wonders to accentuate the words, bring life and energy to the products, influence us logically and emotionally and make us desire these products.

There must be an inherent influence in my own use of such words since I’ve been known to use them often when describing my own offerings.

Let me share some adjectives that I like to use: Amazing, Remarkable, Great, Absolutely Incredible, Wonderful, Really nice, Really easy, Really fast, Way Cool, Far Better, Bigger, Smarter, Awesome, Outstanding, Fantastic, Priceless, So beautiful, Unbelievable, Gorgeous, Magical, Revolutionary, Extraordinary, Phenomenal, Terrific, Super high quality, Super responsive, Super precise, A dream, Success, Exciting, Tremendous, Ambitious, Most advanced, Huge, Unbeatable, Groundbreaking, Transformational, Admirable and Provocative.

Words become our thoughts, which shape our beliefs, which create the momentum to take actions that impact the world.

This Week’s Tip: What descriptive words do you use to describe your value and offerings to influence others to engage with you and change their world?

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