What Are You Creating Next? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 288

I was just chatting with one of my clients, reflecting on his prolific creation of great content in the past. I then asked him “so what should you work on creating next?” He paused, thanked me for the question, and then said: “I appreciate you positively acknowledging the creation of content in the past yet focusing your question on the future!”

Most of us take some time off in order to reenergize at times. However, the key from my perspective is to find a way to keep our momentum going with consistency and innovation.

So how do you determine what you should create next? Simply answer the following questions:

  1. What new products, services, innovations or other creations get you excited when you think about them?
  2. What key challenges and potential transformations have your clients been facing that you can help them with?
  3. What have your clients suggested you create?
  4. What trends do you see evolving?
  5. What opportunities exist that you have wanted to capture but have not?
  6. What have you started that you would love to complete?
  7. What do others do that you can do better?
  8. What ideas scare you or push you outside your comfort zone?

Now, I suggest you make a list of all your answers, then pick out the one that:

  • You are most obsessed about
  • Suggests the highest need your clients have
  • Brings out your highest talents and skills
  • Conveys the utmost potential impact for your clients and for you

Next, take action and move this from inception to fruition. The magic and the remarkable potential outcomes are when you complete and launch your next idea and then pick out the next one in line and start taking action.

Go through this process, choose what you are creating next, share with us and get started.

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One thought on “What Are You Creating Next? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 288

  1. I will be working on my next business, next. Step one: make the list of things to do next (one paper) instead of keeping these things in my head. I like the idea of choosing based on what I’m most obsessed about. Yes that makes the choice easier, although in my case. Maybe not the wisest choice. But the go/no-go decision is based on the potential impact. So, excellent words of wisdom here. Thanks!

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