What Amazing Words Describe Your Products and Services? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 516

I was and still am a student of the late Steve Jobs. One of the things I admired the most is his use of powerful words and adjectives to describe the products and services of Apple. I believe that when we use such powerful words in our content and marketing efforts, it adds color and spark while help our expressions pop and stimulate and inspire our audience. These words help paint a powerful picture and even move them to take action.

Great, Wonderful, Remarkable, Powerful, Awesome, Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible, Unbelievable, Gorgeous, Stunning, Outstanding, Beautiful, Priceless, Cool, Really fast, Really nice, Really well, Better and better, Smarter and smarter, Easy.  

I love these words, as I have used them all in my content creation and various presentations as well as the following: Breakthrough, Transformational, Extraordinary, Astonishing, Mind-blowing, Cutting-edge, Innovation, Creativity,

This Incredible amazing awesome Apple YouTube video, encapsulates one of Steve Job’s presentations during his keynote at one of Apple’s announcements. This video condenses the most powerful words from the presentation and reduces the keynote from several hours to 90 seconds. It is well worth watching the few seconds to get the idea.

What are some of the powerful words you are you using in your content creation and marketing initiatives? 

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