We Remain Powerless… Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 245

Last week I devoted my article to the reality that we can’t always control a situation and need to have backup plans. As hard as we try and as prepared as we think we may be, the bottom line is that many situations and events are out of our hands and beyond our control.

We witnessed the devastation that hurricane Harvey unleashed on Texas and its residents only to have Mother Nature’s wrath rein down days later on Florida and run its way northward through the southern US. This past Monday, September 11, we were once again reminded of the cruelties and lack of power we have against evil 16 years after the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Shalersville terror tragedies.

I must admit to you now, all of you knowing that I’m a rather private person, that our family too is powerless against our challenge, and that is our son’s addiction to heroin. As painful as it has been and continues to be for all of us who love him, the truth is that we are helpless against this cruel addiction. As hard as we’ve tried and as much as we do for him, love alone can’t solve or control this dilemma.

This week, as we witness the devastation and flooding and as we remember 9/11, my message is of hope that we as people and as a nation come together to improve our lives and the lives of others as we set an example for the world to follow. In addition to focusing on ways we can improve and control our business, we should also focus on helping to shape the world even when we realize that ultimately, we don’t control all of what happens.

Peter Marshall writes: “…when we long for life without…difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.”

When the winds blow strong against us, hold tight to your loved ones, when the rains destroy and dampen our spirits, when it seems that everything is crushing around us, believe that tomorrow can be a brighter day and we can together, make a difference in a world that is exciting, thriving yet ever changing and challenging.

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