Time to Reflect Again Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 269

From time to time I like to reflect on what’s happening in my life and business, recent conversations with clients, colleagues and friends and my key learning points. Here are today’s 10 reflection points:

  • Happy clients become loyal clients and when they achieve success because of your contribution they become your viral spread and convince others to become your clients.
  • Setting bold goals and priorities and then executing them one at a time is the key to reducing the feelings of being overwhelmed and is also the key to success and balance.
  • Any worthy challenge can and should be broken down into five or seven key moves to get the momentum going towards successful resolution and amazing transformation.
  • Do you love your profession and what you do? If you do, you are fortunate. If not, find a way to adjust and fall in love with it or explore another profession.
  • What other passions have you developed or pursued to add excitement and challenge to your life?
  • Too often I observe the need to pursue perfection, which causes aggravation, complacency and paralysis while completely missing the key objectives and target.
  • If you ever feel down on yourself, go attend an Al-Anon meeting and listen to the stories. You will appreciate how fortunate you are.
  • Want to feel amazing? Take a walk and then some deep breaths, drink water, and go help someone in need. Then reward yourself.
  • Pay close attention to the conversations you have with your clients, colleagues and advisers. Much of the ideas discussed can be repurposed as powerful content, products and services.
  • Identify relationships you should pursue in order to create new innovations that you could not accomplish on your own. It will expand your capabilities exponentially and have a dramatic impact on others.

What are your thoughts and reflection points for this week? Please share.

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