Spring Awakening Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 270

Let me be honest, Cleveland weather isn’t always easy to deal with. Every year whether the ground hog sees or doesn’t see his shadow, winter always returns with a few strong blasts and with it more snow piles.

We have enjoyed a few beautiful warm days that raise one’s spirits and then next, grey skies and winds make a hasty replacement.

So what? Why sweat it? Nothing lasts forever and we all know that if we had to deal with something or someone bothersome for extended periods of time, we probably couldn’t handle it. But for a day or two or three, it’s really a piece of cake.

In business, as in our daily lives, we each face that challenging individual, our inability at times to write the amazing content, or get to the conference with great speakers and groundbreaking wisdom.

As Cleveland weather changes daily or even hourly, so too are the opportunities for each of us to repurpose and recharge our daily business ventures.

Our next greatest opportunity is only a moment away. Go for it. Spring is right around the corner.

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