The Importance of Proofreading Your Content

I was always intrigued by English colloquial expressions and have always loved “testing” my new learned idioms on anyone I see in my path.

Upon my arrival to the US (34 years ago) and during one of my college lunch breaks, I wanted to impress my American buddies with my new idioms. Being so tired from studying the night before and while they were having their lunch I sat down and said: “I pooped!” Their reactions and face expressions made me realize that I may not have been as clear so I yelled again: “No seriously, I Pooped!” “Well … good for you Chad!” I heard them say.

When arriving home later that evening and when realizing that my new idiom has not been as effective and impressive as I thought it should have been, I decided to run this by my wife who was / is the source of many of my exciting idioms. “You said WHAT?” she yelled. “No you didn’t!” she continued. “Honey, You forgot the apostrophe as it should have been I’m Pooped!” she exclaimed.

A huge difference an apostrophe makes, eh?

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