Reporting from Israel 2011

My wife and I have just concluded spending a remarkable week in Israel and are on our way now for a week in Barcelona. But before we get to Spain, let me share this great week in Israel with you thorough my photos and videos:

We arrived Israel in the evening and after a quick stop at our hotel in Tel-Aviv, we decided to take a ride and dine at one of our favorite places, the Abulafia restaurant in Yafo.

Abulafia Restuarant - Yafo Israel

Salads selection to start

Yafo at night

Next day, we had to make a decision between visiting some of the museums of Tel Aviv or shopping on Disingof street. We quickly found ourselves investing in the local economy and somehow never made it to the museums. After watching the beautiful sunset, we visited the old train station, which has been transformed into a beautiful area with nice shops and restaurants and then ended up at a fine restaurant at the Tel Aviv Port, which was loaded with people enjoying life.

Shopping on Dizingof Street

Tel Aviv Sunset

Tel Aviv - The Old Train Station

Dinner at a fine restuarant at the Tel Aviv Port (The Namal)

We started our next day at one of our favorite places, Nachalat Benyamin, which is the place for the weekly art & craft fair. A lot of fun.

Nachalat Benyamin - Art & Craft Fair

Nachalat Benyamin - Art & Craft Fair

And then, we were on our way to Haifa to visit with my friend from childhood, Eitan, and attend the beautiful wedding of his son Alon to his new wife, Doris. Here is the movie I shot during the wedding, which captured the spirit quite well:

My wife and I at the wedding

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the party hall had a WiFi connection. So, while the band was playing and my wife and I were dancing, we decided to Skype with our kids and grand kids from Orlando. What a blast it was to be able to video share the moment and watch each other while my 2 year-old granddaughter was dancing with us thousands of miles away. Technology, when it is working, is a marvelous thing, isn’t it?

During our three days in Haifa, My friend, Eitan, has graciously hosted and treated all the guests arriving from outside Israel. He hired a tour guide and a bus and arranged for exciting tours around Haifa, combined with colonary delights. Our last spectacular gathering was in Acko at the Uri Buri restaurant,owned by interesting character, Uri Yirmias. (Photo below):

Owner/chef Uri Yirmias or Uri Buri Restaurant

Beautiful Acko

Acko Sunset

We were then on our way to the Golan Heights to spend the last few days with my Dad, my sister and her family. It was Friday afternoon when we got to visit my Dad at his nursing home in Teveria, overlooking the beautiful Sea of Galilee. We spent some great time together, when we realized that we had the rare opportunity of celebrating life, while welcoming the Sabbath, and bringing the enjoyment of music and spirit to him and the residents there. My music background, sure came in handy. I grabbed the Accordion (I know this is rare) and started to play, and my wife, a gifted Cantor with an extraordinary voice, started to sing to everyone’s great enjoyment. How cool is that?

It's music time, Chad's style

My wife, Laurel, welcoming the Sabbath

And just before our departure to Spain, we had the opportunity to visit and witness Agmon Hula, the 8th wonder of this world. It is a paradise of birds and people. When you visit Israel, I couldn’t recommend this enough. Let me leave you with some photos and sounds from this amazing place:

Our ride to see the birds.

A small display of many more

Amazing birds' view

Le it ra ot

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