The Fine Line Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 154

The first of the primary caucuses is just about 6 weeks away and the media is bombarding us with political fodder to chew on. Let’s be honest, some of the candidates in both parties are beyond outrageous in their assessment and possible solutions to what ails the economy, employment and world security. While they have convinced themselves that their paths are the only viable ones, their presentation style of ideas often borders on the ridiculous. Some appear as caricatures of themselves, and not flattering ones at that.

When presenting your intellectual property in all the available platforms or speaking to a captive audience, do you take the time to stand back and look at yourself and how you come across to your clients or listeners? Is it so out there as to be unbelievable or so toned down that it is a snooze festival?

Before putting yourself and your brand out there, be sure to turn the mirror on yourself and ascertain if you are presenting in the most fitting way. Over the top outrageous or lackluster property won’t sell. Keep in tiptop form and watch your numbers rise!

This week’s tip: Watch out for extremes when producing IT. Let them remember you and keep coming back for more because you make sense, are sensible and have your client’s best interest at heart.

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