Are You an Object of Interest Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 153

I am here in Newport, Rhode Island, presenting to Alan Weiss’s Million Dollar Consulting College. As my friend, client, partner and mentor, I asked Alan to become the guest contributor to today’s Raising The Barr newsletter. Enjoy, Chad

The web is often cited as the ultimate repository of highly articulated content. In other words, if you want to find left-handed fly fishing gear or mint stamps from the 19th Century New Zealand postal service. In fact, you’ll have hundreds of sources, replete with reviews and associated links (Australian marsupials on stamps).

Fair enough, but the web has become useful in a completely different matter, not one of seeking help but rather of being sought. The key to entrepreneurial, professional services is to create a “gravity” that draws people to you. Instead of asking a buyer, “Would you like my help?” you want the buyer to approach you and ask, “How can we work together?” This obviates the need for the time to create relationships and removes fee resistance.

The best way to be sought is to be an object of interest. Don’t publish, for example, where there is huge, banal noise, like LinkedIn, publish on your own blog and allow comments. Publish as a guest on other people’s popular blogs. Don’t do podcast interviews that have an audience of 26 people (despite the interviewer’s claims). Create your own video series of pragmatic tips for those who are your ideal targets.

We consult Wikipedia, or a dictionary online, or Google daily We want people to be contacting us daily because we’ve become the source of wisdom critical to their businesses and success.

This week’s tip: Create quick value. Attention spans are shrinking. Text, audio, and video for free shouldn’t exceed five minutes, and one minute is fine. How long did it take you to read this?

Alan Weiss, PhD
CEO, Summit Consulting Group, Inc.

Author, Million Dollar Consulting and the forthcoming Million Dollar Maverick

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