The Biggest Impact You’ve Created and Experienced Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 262

Photo by: Chad Barr

I just approached several of my clients and asked them to reflect on the biggest impact I’ve had on their life and business. I realize this may come across as self-serving, but please stay with me. Here are some of their answers:

  • Wrote hundreds of newsletters.
  • Published multiple books.
  • Created podcasts and videos channels.
  • Booked more speeches.
  • Increased their revenues and number of clients they serve.
  • Strengthen their global reach and thought leadership.
  • Gained the confidence to deliver powerful content in print, audio and video formats.
  • Become well known and sought-after experts.
  • Stimulated and opened their mind to new learning and experiences.
  • Connected with their purpose, passion and the legacy they are here to create.

I then reflected on the biggest impact my clients have had on my life and business. Here are some of my answers:

  • Made me smarter.
  • Challenged me to explore new directions and offerings.
  • Opened my mind to new learning and experiences.
  • Stimulated my mind to create new intellectual property.
  • Supported my continued personal and business growth.
  • Provided the live laboratory for the creation of successful case studies.
  • Strengthen my own thought leadership.
  • Enabled me to pursue additional passions.
  • Referred fascinating thinkers and clients to me.
  • Helped me better realize my purpose, passion and the legacy I am here to create.

I was humbled by this process and the discovery of these answers as it also allowed me to better realize and calibrate where I am going and where to lead my clients.

Schedule the time to go through this process with your clients and yourself as I believe you will be rewarded with amazing insights.

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