Take the Long Way Home Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 285

Photo by: Chad Barr

The famous Beatles song said it beautifully;
The long and winding road that leads to your door will never disappear.

The pop group, Super Tramp sang “Take the Long Way Home” way back in 1979.

I was reminded of those songs as yesterday, my daughter, son in law and grandchildren arrived to begin new jobs and new adventures in Ohio. We were elated when we heard the great news and have been waiting anxiously for them to arrive here as a stop-gap before heading to their final destination in Columbus.

Flying back and forth is never an easy feat with three small children. But this time, though the movers will be there in a month to ship their belongings, they decided to take the long way home and drive to Cleveland over three days.

They saw beautiful countryside, counted 38 different state license plates and slept in not so great hotels along the way. But much to everyone’s surprise, it was a great journey with lots of great memories made along the way. (Not to mention the car sickness, but that’s another story…)

Sometimes, getting somewhere quickly isn’t always the best way. Often, in business, striving to achieve success and grow a flourishing business takes a longer or more precarious journey. But when we rush, we often miss the unexpected and unforeseen joys, new relationships, great vistas and ah ha moments that make the journey and the challenge even more meaningful.

Slow down and enjoy the journey. The impossible may only take a few minutes longer.

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