Success Or Death? It’s Your choice

The large amount of people who smoke in Israel is unfortunately alarming. Although I do not have the statistical evidence to substantiate my claim, ubiquitous smokers are strong enough anecdotal evidence. Here is a picture from the duty-free store in the Tel-Aviv airport proving the unfortunate popularity of cigarettes. Tremendous amount of real estate is taken with beautifully displayed, almost candy-like, stacked cartons of cigarettes.

What intrigued me further was the fact that each carton had huge letters and fonts displaying on each: “Smoking Kills”, yet you would think they were giving them away.
What is it about human nature that:

  1. Even when individuals have clear and factual evidence that prove they may be in danger or possibly even death, they still elect to do it?
  2. Even when organizations and leaders have been proven that there is a “better way”, they elect to either not do anything or select the more economical non-proven way?

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