Six Feet Apart Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue 377

We’ve been practicing social or actually physical distancing for a few weeks, visiting with friends and family via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime, and dashing in an out of stores for essential items now with the agility of Olympic sprinters. Masked, gloved and goggled, with the help of separation lines and plexiglass screens, we have nearly and hopefully mastered the art of keeping the covid-19 virus as far away from us as possible.

As one of the holiest weeks on the religious calendar arrived, Laurel and I were informed that our religious services for the senior groups that we lead for Passover, a home gathering with ancient rituals and holiday fare, was canceled. For many of these very senior friends who have become our family over the years, celebrating alone, for what could possibly be their last Passover, was heartbreaking. Laurel and I jumped into action this weekend and prepared a holiday video with music, song and stories to be played on a loop on the residents’ televisions.

This holiday season has given us plenty of time to reflect on the things that are truly meaningful and for what we are grateful. Physical distancing has required of us to connect differently, in this capacity, ironically, keeping away to save lives.

May this week, however you choose to celebrate or not, be one that brings clarity, light and love to you and those you love and care for. The distance will bring us closer and make us all stronger.

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