What’s Your Story? Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 55

Raising the Barr is a weekly memo, which is always pithy, powerful and succinct. It focuses on innovative ideas by maximizing your life and business while leveraging strategy, content, technology and the web, to help you transform the success.

This week’s reflection point: I grew up in Israel and became an entrepreneur at the age of 12. My passion for playing guitar and music was strong even at that young age. Growing up listening to and studying classical rock and jazz music, I quickly became quite good at playing professionally and earned considerable money in my teens while attending school. I loved it!

After arriving in the US and attending college, I continued my music education while teaching, composing, arranging, playing professionally and devoting my energy and focus to the music world and my family. At college, I decided to try my hand at computer programming and was immediately drawn to writing and creating software code. I loved it!

I decided to change my major to computer science and got my first job writing code at a software development firm and teaching part time at the college. Fast-forward a couple of years later and I made the move to start my own software development firm. I’ve been fortunate to have created a great company surrounding myself with a fabulous team and attracting remarkable clients.

As the popularity of the Internet world exploded and all of our clients needed help using it, I have found myself changing the focus and success of our firm completely. We became a global company whose purpose is in helping our clients leverage their web presence, extraordinary content and strategies to dramatically transform their success.

It recently occurred to me that there is a huge correlation between the passion, talent and hard work I dedicated when playing and composing music to writing software code and marketing my software and now Web Company.

Why am I sharing this with you? First, to demonstrate that developing your passion, energy and talent has an enormous potential of creating many diverse successes along your journey. Second, is to suggest that your real life stories, linked to success and told well, help sell your business, products and the points you are making.

This week’s tip: Identify your powerful stories and leverage the web to share them and engage your clients.


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  1. Chad- Enjoyed your story very much. BTW, our son just started playing guitar a few months ago.

    Using the fuel of passion to move forward in life keeps things fun, fast and exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing all that you do in 2014!

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