The Virtual Workplace Raising the Barr Weekly Memo: Issue No. 114

This week’s reflection point: Over the past 5 years I have worked primarily from my home office while my team continued working from our main office. I loved the new arrangement as I found it convenient and it worked extremely well for me. Then, as a couple of our team members moved out of state and a couple of our new hires lived overseas, I approached my “home” team to see if they would like to work from home. The answer was a resounding yes!

It’s been over a year since we closed our physical office, enabling our entire team to work from their homes and leverage technology to improve our communication, productivity and lifestyle. The many benefits include:

  1. Improve productivity
  2. Eliminate commute time
  3. Enable more flexible schedules
  4. Reduce interruptions and the water cooler effect
  5. Gain a sense of autonomy
  6. Be close to your family
  7. Big brother is not watching you
  8. Blast your favorite music and wear your wildest outfits
  9. Improve your life balance and reduce stress
  10. Save huge dollars otherwise spent on rent
  11. Leverage technology to easily and instantaneously communicate with each other and share documents and workload with each other
  12. Use technology to improve the speed of communication with clients

This week’s tip: Whether you head a team or not, if you are not working from your home office, I encourage you to consider making the change. If you are working from home, why not leverage technology to improve your productivity and relationship with your clients?

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